Keno Casino Game

Keno is one of the most popular casino games with land-based and online slots casinos around the world. In fact, just about all of the best online slots sites offer this game. This is possibly because it is very much like a standard lottery and it takes no strategy, therefore, everyone is familiar with the concept.

The Game Play

The Keno game begins with players placing their bets and choosing six numbers between one and eighty. At that point, twenty numbers, (sometimes more and sometimes less at varying casinos), will be drawn. This is done either with a video representation of a ball machine or just with a random number generator. Some of the online slots versions of Keno have amusing animations for the drawing of the numbers, such as, monkeys throwing coconuts at the table in MonkeyKeno.

How to Win

Usually, a player will have to match at least three of the drawn numbers in order to receive a payout. The actual amount of the payout is laid out in the PayTables. Every online casino has it’s own PayTables, so you will have to check those out.